Authorised Meaning in Nepali: अधिकृत, अधिकारित, अधिकारप्राप्त, अधिकारित गरिएको, अधिकृत गरिएको

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Noun: authority (अधिकार), authorization (अधिकरण), authorisation (अधिकरण), power (शक्ति), permission (अनुमति)

Verb: authorize (अधिकृत गर्नु), empower (शक्तिप्रदान गर्नु), permit (अनुमति दिनु), enable (सक्षम गर्नु), validate (मान्यता दिनु)

Part of Speech:




Authorised Synonyms:

approved (मान्य), sanctioned (मान्यता प्राप्त), licensed (प्राधिकृत), legitimate (कानूनी), official (आधिकारिक), valid (मान्य)

Description and Origination of Authorised:

Authorised is an adjective that refers to something that has been officially approved, sanctioned, or given the power or permission to do something. It originated from the word “authorize,” which means to grant power or permission. In the context of Nepali language, “authorised” is translated as “अधिकृत” or “अधिकारित.” It is commonly used in legal, administrative, and official contexts to indicate the legitimacy or official recognition of something.


unauthorized (अनधिकृत), illegal (गैरकानूनी), unofficial (अआधिकारिक), invalid (अमान्य), illegitimate (अवैध)

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