Authorisation Meaning in Nepali: अधिकृती, प्राधिकरण, अनुमति, अधिकार, अधिकारिता

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Noun: Authority (अधिकार), Permission (अनुमति), Power (शक्ति), Control (नियंत्रण), License (परवाना)

Verb: Empower (सशक्त गर्नु), Permit (अनुमति दिनु), Sanction (अनुमोदन गर्नु), Approve (मान्यता दिनु), Delegate (अधिकार दिनु)

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Authorisation Synonyms:

1. Permission – अनुमति

2. Approval – मान्यता

3. Consent – सहमति

4. Authority – अधिकार

5. License – परवाना

6. Sanction – अनुमोदन

Description and Origination of Authorisation:

Authorisation refers to the act of giving someone official permission or power to do something. It is the process of granting authority or control to an individual or entity. In Nepali, authorisation is known as अधिकृती, प्राधिकरण, अनुमति, अधिकार, or अधिकारिता. It is a noun and pronounced as “aw-thuh-rahy-zey-shuhn”. Synonyms for authorisation include permission, approval, consent, authority, license, and sanction. For more detailed information, you can refer to the links below:

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