Austrian Meaning in Nepali: अस्ट्रियाली, अस्ट्रियाली भाषा, अस्ट्रियाली नागरिक

Nearby Words:

Noun: अस्ट्रियाली भाषा, अस्ट्रियाली नागरिक

Adjective: अस्ट्रियाली

Part of Speech:




Austrian Synonyms:

1. Austrian – अस्ट्रियाली

2. Austrian citizen – अस्ट्रियाली नागरिक

3. Austrian language – अस्ट्रियाली भाषा

4. Austrian Alps – अस्ट्रियाली हिमाल

5. Austrian culture – अस्ट्रियाली संस्कृति

6. Austrian cuisine – अस्ट्रियाली खानेपानी

Description and Origination:

Austrian refers to anything related to Austria, a landlocked country in Central Europe. It can be used as both an adjective and a noun. The term originated from the name of the country itself, Austria. Austria is known for its stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. The Austrian language is primarily German, and the country is famous for its classical music, including composers such as Mozart and Strauss.


1. Non-Austrian – अस्ट्रियाली नभएको

2. Foreigner – परदेशी

3. Outsider – बाहिरी

4. Alien – विदेशी

5. Expat – विदेशी निवासी

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