Austerity Meaning in Nepali

In Nepali, the word “austerity” can be translated into several meanings, including तपस्या (tapasya), तप (tap), तपस्वी (tapasvi), तपाईं (tapai), and तपाईंले (tapaille).

Nearby Words

– Noun: तपस्या (tapasya), तप (tap), तपस्वी (tapasvi)

– Verb: तपाईं (tapai), तपाईंले (tapaille)

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: aw-ster-i-tee

Austerity Synonyms

1. Frugality – अल्पव्ययिता (alpavyayita)

2. Thrift – बचत (bachat)

3. Restraint – संयम (sanyam)

4. Simplicity – सरलता (sarlata)

5. Asceticism – तपस्या (tapasya)

6. Moderation – मध्यमता (madhyamata)

Austerity refers to the practice of living a simple and frugal lifestyle, often characterized by self-discipline and self-restraint. It originated from the Latin word “austerus,” meaning severe or strict. Austerity is the opposite of extravagance and is often associated with asceticism and spiritual practices.


1. Extravagance – अपव्यय (apavyaya)

2. Luxury – विलास (vilas)

3. Indulgence – आनन्दितता (ananditata)

4. Excess – अतिरिक्तता (atiriktata)

5. Lavishness – उदारता (udarata)

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