Auriferous Meaning in Nepali: धनीसा, सुवर्णयुक्त, सुवर्णसंबंधी

Nearby Words:

Noun: Gold, Silver, Copper, Metal, Ore

Adjective: Precious, Valuable, Rich, Expensive, Luxurious

Part of Speech:




Auriferous Synonyms:

1. Golden – सुवर्णी

2. Gilded – सुवर्णित

3. Wealthy – धनी

4. Rich – सम्पन्न

5. Prosperous – समृद्ध

6. Opulent – धनवान

Auriferous is an adjective that describes something related to gold or containing gold. In Nepali, it can be translated as धनीसा, सुवर्णयुक्त, or सुवर्णसंबंधी. It is often used to describe rocks, minerals, or areas that have a high concentration of gold. The word auriferous originated from the Latin word “aurifer,” which means “gold-bearing.” It is commonly used in geology and mining contexts. Some antonyms of auriferous include non-golden, non-precious, or barren. For more information and detailed definitions, you can refer to online dictionaries such as,, or

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