Auricula Meaning in Nepali: औरिकुला, औरिकुला अर्थ, औरिकुला अर्थ नेपालीमा

Nearby Words:

Noun: औरिकुला (auricula), कानको बाहिरी भाग (outer part of the ear)

Adjective: औरिकुलाले सम्बन्धित (related to auricula)

Part of Speech of Auricula:


Pronunciation of Auricula:


Auricula Synonyms:

1. Earlobe (कानको बाहिरी भाग)

2. Pinna (कानको बाहिरी भाग)

3. Outer ear (कानको बाहिरी भाग)

4. Auricle (कानको बाहिरी भाग)

5. External ear (कानको बाहिरी भाग)

6. Ear shell (कानको बाहिरी भाग)

Description and Origination of Auricula:

Auricula refers to the outer part of the ear, commonly known as the earlobe or pinna. It is the visible part of the ear that helps in collecting sound waves and transmitting them to the inner ear. The term “auricula” originated from Latin, where it means “little ear.” The auricula plays a crucial role in the hearing process and is an essential component of the human ear.


1. Inner ear (आन्तरिक कान)

2. Middle ear (मध्य कान)

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