Auntie Meaning in Nepali: आमा, बुहारी, खल्ली, फुफु, बुहारीबुबा

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Noun: आमा (mother), बुहारी (daughter-in-law), खल्ली (sister-in-law), फुफु (aunt), बुहारीबुबा (son-in-law)

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Auntie Synonyms:

1. Aunt – फुफु (phupu)
2. Aunty – फुफु (phupu)
3. Aunt – खल्ली (khalli)
4. Aunt – बुहारी (buhari)
5. Aunt – बुहारीबुबा (buharibuba)

Auntie is a term used to refer to one’s mother’s sister or father’s sister. It is a common term of endearment used to address an older female relative. In Nepali, auntie can be translated as आमा, बुहारी, खल्ली, फुफु, or बुहारीबुबा. It is a noun and is pronounced as “ahn-tee”. Some synonyms for auntie in English include aunt, aunty, khalli, buhari, and buharibuba. For more information and detailed definitions, you can refer to,, or

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