Aunt Meaning in Nepali: आमा, बुहारी, फुफु, मामी, बुहारिनी

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Noun: Uncle (काका), Niece (भान्जी), Nephew (भान्जा), Cousin (भाइबहिनी), Mother (आमा)

Part of Speech of Aunt:


Pronunciation of Aunt:


Aunt Synonyms:

1. Auntie (आमाको छोरी), 2. Aunty (आमाको छोरी), 3. Aunt-in-law (आमाको छोरी), 4. Auntie (आमाको छोरी), 5. Auntie (आमाको छोरी)

Description and Origination of Aunt: Aunt is a term used to refer to the sister of one’s parent. In Nepali, it is commonly known as “आमा” or “बुहारी”. Aunts play an important role in many cultures, providing guidance, support, and love to their nieces and nephews. The term “aunt” originated from the Old French word “ante,” which means “paternal aunt.” Aunts are often seen as a second mother figure and can have a significant impact on a person’s life.


Uncle (काका), Nephew (भान्जा), Niece (भान्जी), Cousin (भाइबहिनी), Mother (आमा)

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