Augustan Meaning in Nepali: अगस्टनको अर्थ (agastanko artha), अगस्टनको अर्थ (agastanko artha), अगस्टनको अर्थ (agastanko artha)

Nearby Words:

Noun: अगस्टन (agastan), अगस्टन (agastan)

Adjective: अगस्टन (agastan), अगस्टन (agastan)

Part of Speech of Augustan:


Pronunciation of Augustan:


Augustan Synonyms:

1. majestic – महिमान्वित (mahimanvit)

2. grand – महान (mahāna)

3. noble – उच्च (ucch)

4. dignified – गरिमामय (garimāmaya)

5. stately – शानदार (śānadāra)

6. regal – राजसी (rājasī)

Description and Origination of Augustan:

Augustan refers to something related to the period of the Roman Emperor Augustus or the style of literature and art that was prevalent during his reign. It is derived from the Latin word “Augustanus.” The Augustan Age is often considered a golden age of literature and art, characterized by elegance, refinement, and classical influences. The term “Augustan” can also be used more broadly to describe anything that is grand, majestic, or dignified.


1. humble – विनम्र (vinamra)

2. ordinary – साधारण (sādhāraṇ)

3. common – सामान्य (sāmānya)

4. plain – सादा (sādā)

5. unimpressive – अप्रभावशाली (aprabhāvaśālī)

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