Augmentative Meaning in Nepali: वृद्धिकारक, वृद्धिकारी, वृद्धिकारीको, वृद्धिकारको

Nearby Words:

Noun: वृद्धिकारकता, वृद्धिकारकताको

Verb: वृद्धिकारक गर्नु, वृद्धिकारक गर्ने

Adjective: वृद्धिकारक, वृद्धिकारी, वृद्धिकारीको, वृद्धिकारको

Part of Speech:




Augmentative Synonyms:

1. enlarging (बढाउने)

2. expanding (विस्तार गर्ने)

3. amplifying (बढाउने)

4. increasing (बढाउने)

5. enhancing (बढाउने)

6. magnifying (बढाउने)

Description: The term “augmentative” refers to something that increases or enhances the size, quantity, or intensity of something else. In Nepali, it is translated as वृद्धिकारक. It can be used as an adjective, noun, or verb depending on the context. The pronunciation of “augmentative” is (awg-men-tuh-tiv).


The word “augmentative” originated from the Latin word “augmentare,” which means “to increase.” It entered the English language in the mid-17th century.


1. reducing (कम्ती गर्ने)

2. decreasing (कम्ती गर्ने)

3. diminishing (कम्ती गर्ने)

4. minimizing (कम्ती गर्ने)

5. lowering (कम्ती गर्ने)

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