Aughts Meaning in Nepali: शून्य, कुनै नगरी, नगरपालिका, नगरपालिकाको नाम, नगरपालिकाको नामको अर्थ

Nearby Words:

Noun: शून्यता (zero), नगरी (city), नगरपालिका (municipality), नगरपालिकाको नाम (name of municipality)

Adjective: शून्य (zero), नगरी (urban), नगरपालिकाको (municipal)

Part of Speech of Aughts:


Pronunciation of Aughts:


Aughts Synonyms:

1. Zero (शून्य)

2. Nil (शून्य)

3. Zilch (शून्य)

4. Nought (शून्य)

5. Nothing (कुनै नगरी)

6. Naught (शून्य)

Description and Origination of Aughts:

Aughts, derived from the word “aught,” refers to the time period between 2000 and 2009. It is commonly used to describe the first decade of the 21st century. The term “aughts” originated from the Middle English word “aught,” meaning “anything” or “zero.” It gained popularity as a way to refer to the early 2000s, similar to how the term “nineties” is used to describe the 1990s. The aughts witnessed significant technological advancements and cultural shifts, including the rise of the internet, social media, and the proliferation of smartphones. It was a transformative period that shaped the modern world we live in today.


1. Everything (सबै)

2. All (सबै)

3. Whole (सबै)

4. Entirety (सबै)

5. Totality (सबै)

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