augean stables

Augean Stables Meaning in Nepali: अगियान स्थानीय अर्थ (agiyān sthānīya artha), अगियान स्थानीय अर्थहरू (agiyān sthānīya arthaharu), अगियान स्थानीय अर्थका केही उदाहरणहरू (agiyān sthānīya arthakā kehī udāharanaharu)

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Noun: Stables (गोठ), Stable (स्थानीय), Horse (घोडा), Barn (बाडा), Shed (छानी), Shelter (आवास)

Adjective: Augean (अगियान)

Part of Speech of Augean Stables: Noun

Pronunciation of Augean Stables: (aw-jee-uhn stey-buh lz)

Augean Stables Synonyms:

1. Filthy Stables (गन्दा स्थानीय), 2. Dirty Stables (मैलो स्थानीय), 3. Unsanitary Stables (अस्वास्थ्यकर स्थानीय), 4. Foul Stables (दुर्गन्ध स्थानीय), 5. Mucky Stables (गन्दा स्थानीय), 6. Messy Stables (अव्यवस्थित स्थानीय)

Augean Stables refers to a challenging or overwhelming task that requires extensive effort to clean up a large amount of filth or corruption. In Greek mythology, it was the name of the stables that belonged to King Augeas and were left uncleaned for years. The task of cleaning the stables was accomplished by Hercules as one of his twelve labors. The phrase is often used metaphorically to describe a situation that is extremely dirty, disorderly, or difficult to manage.


Clean Stables (स्वच्छ स्थानीय), Tidy Stables (सजिलो स्थानीय), Neat Stables (सुसज्जित स्थानीय)

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