auditory nerve

Auditory Nerve Meaning in Nepali: श्रवण न्यूरोन (shravan nyuron), कर्ण न्यूरोन (karna nyuron), श्रोत न्यूरोन (shrot nyuron)

Nearby Words:

Noun: Ear, Sound, Hearing, Cochlea, Eardrum

Adjective: Auditory, Acoustic, Aural, Sonic

Part of Speech:



(aw-di-tawr-ee nurv)

Auditory Nerve Synonyms:

1. Acoustic Nerve – ध्वनिक न्यूरोन (dhwanik nyuron)

2. Cochlear Nerve – कोच्लियर न्यूरोन (kochlir nyuron)

3. Vestibulocochlear Nerve – भ्रमण-कोच्लियर न्यूरोन (bhraman-kochlir nyuron)

4. Eighth Cranial Nerve – आठौं क्रानियल न्यूरोन (athau kranial nyuron)

5. Auditory Nerve Fiber – श्रवण न्यूरोन रेशा (shravan nyuron resha)

6. Acoustic Nerve Fiber – ध्वनिक न्यूरोन रेशा (dhwanik nyuron resha)

Description and Origination of Auditory Nerve:

The auditory nerve, also known as the cochlear nerve, is a bundle of nerve fibers that carries sound information from the cochlea to the brain. It is responsible for transmitting auditory signals, allowing us to hear and process sound. The auditory nerve originates in the inner ear and connects to the brainstem, where the sound signals are further processed and interpreted. Damage or impairment to the auditory nerve can result in hearing loss or other auditory disorders.


Deafness – बधिरता (badhirata)

Silence – मौन (maun)

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