Auditorium Meaning in Nepali: अडिटोरियम, सभागृह, नाटकघर, सभाकक्ष, अध्ययनकक्ष

Nearby Words:

Noun: Hall (हल), Theater (नाटकघर), Classroom (शिक्षाकक्ष), Conference Room (सम्मेलनकक्ष), Stadium (स्थानीय)

Part of Speech:




Auditorium Synonyms:

Noun: Hall, Theater, Venue, Amphitheater, Concert Hall

Nepali Translation: हल, नाटकघर, स्थल, अम्फिथिएटर, संगीतकक्ष

Description and Origination:

An auditorium is a large room or hall where performances, lectures, or other events are held. It is designed to accommodate a large audience and often includes a stage or platform for performers. The word “auditorium” originated from the Latin word “audītōrium,” which means “a place for hearing.” In Nepali, it is commonly referred to as अडिटोरियम or सभागृह.


Noun: Outdoors, Open-air, Field, Stadium

Nepali Translation: बाहिर, खुला आकाश, खेत, स्थानीय

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