Auditor-General Meaning in Nepali: लेखा परीक्षक महानिरीक्षक, लेखा परीक्षा महानिरीक्षक, लेखा निरीक्षक महानिरीक्षक

Nearby Words:

Noun: Audit, Audition, Auditor, Auditory, Audience

Verb: Audit, Audition, Audition, Audition, Audition

Adjective: Auditory, Auditory, Auditory, Auditory, Auditory

Part of Speech:




Auditor-General Synonyms:

1. Comptroller and Auditor General (लेखा निरीक्षक महानिरीक्षक)

2. Controller and Auditor General (लेखा निरीक्षक महानिरीक्षक)

3. Inspector General of Audits (लेखा निरीक्षक महानिरीक्षक)

4. Chief Auditor (मुख्य लेखा परीक्षक)

5. Chief Accountant (मुख्य लेखाकार)

6. Financial Examiner (वित्तीय परीक्षक)

Description and Origination of Auditor-General:

An Auditor-General is a government official responsible for auditing and overseeing the financial operations of a country or organization. They ensure that financial records are accurate, transparent, and comply with relevant laws and regulations. The position of Auditor-General originated in the United Kingdom and has been adopted by many countries around the world. The role is crucial in promoting accountability and preventing corruption in public finances.


1. Accountable (जवाफदेही)

2. Transparent (पारदर्शी)

3. Honest (ईमानदार)

4. Trustworthy (विश्वसनीय)

5. Reliable (विश्वसनीय)

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