Auditions Meaning in Nepali

In Nepali, the word “auditions” can be translated into several meanings, including परीक्षण (parikshan), चयन (chayan), चयन परीक्षा (chayan pariksha), निर्धारण (nirdharan), and चयनको प्रक्रिया (chayanko prakriya).

Nearby Words

– Noun: परीक्षण (parikshan), चयन (chayan), चयन परीक्षा (chayan pariksha)

– Verb: निर्धारण गर्नु (nirdharan garnu), चयन गर्नु (chayan garnu)

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: (aw-dish-uhns)

Auditions Synonyms

1. Tryouts – परीक्षण (parikshan)

2. Casting – चयन (chayan)

3. Selection – चयन परीक्षा (chayan pariksha)

4. Screening – निर्धारण (nirdharan)

5. Recruitment – चयनको प्रक्रिया (chayanko prakriya)


1. Approval – मान्यता (manyata)

2. Acceptance – स्वीकृति (swikriti)

3. Rejection – अस्वीकृति (aswikriti)

4. Exclusion – बहिष्कार (bahiskar)

5. Omission – छोड (chhod)

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