audit objection

Audit Objection Meaning in Nepali: लेखा आपत्ति, लेखा आपत्ति को अर्थ, लेखा आपत्ति को नेपाली अर्थ

Nearby Words:

Noun: Audit, Auditor, Audition, Audience, Audio

Verb: Object, Objection, Observe, Obtain, Obey

Adjective: Audible, Audacious, Auditory, Audited, Auditing

Part of Speech:

Audit Objection is a noun.


(aw-dit uhb-jek-shuhn)

Audit Objection Synonyms:

1. Dispute – विवाद

2. Protest – विरोध

3. Challenge – चुनौती

4. Opposition – विरोध

5. Dissent – असहमति

6. Objection – आपत्ति

Audit objection refers to a disagreement or protest raised during an audit process. It is a noun and pronounced as (aw-dit uhb-jek-shuhn). Some synonyms of audit objection in English with their Nepali translations include dispute (विवाद), protest (विरोध), challenge (चुनौती), opposition (विरोध), dissent (असहमति), and objection (आपत्ति). To learn more about audit objection, you can visit,, or

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