Audiovisual Meaning in Nepali: आवाज-दृश्य सम्बन्धी, आवाज-दृश्य सम्बन्धीका, आवाज-दृश्य सम्बन्धीको

Nearby Words:

Noun: आवाज, दृश्य, सम्बन्ध, चलचित्र, चलचित्रको

Adjective: सम्बन्धित, आवाज-दृश्य, आवाज-दृश्य सम्बन्धी, आवाज-दृश्य सम्बन्धित, आवाज-दृश्य सम्बन्धितको

Part of Speech of Audiovisual:


Pronunciation of Audiovisual:


Audiovisual Synonyms:

1. Visual and auditory (दृश्य र आवाजीय)

2. Sight and sound (दृश्य र आवाज)

3. Audio-visual (आवाज-दृश्य)

4. Multimedia (बहुमिडिया)

5. Cinematic (चलचित्रिक)

6. Audio-video (आवाज-भिडियो)

Description and Origination of Audiovisual:

Audiovisual refers to anything that involves both sound and visual elements. It is a term used to describe the combination of audio and visual components, such as in movies, presentations, or multimedia content. The concept of audiovisual originated with the development of technology that allowed for the synchronization of sound and moving images. It has since become an integral part of various forms of media and communication.


1. Silent – मौन

2. Nonvisual – दृश्यरहित

3. Nonverbal – अभिव्यक्तिहीन

4. Inaudible – अनश्रव्य

5. Unseen – देखिने नहुने

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