Audio-Frequency Meaning in Nepali: आवाज आवृत्ति

Nearby Words:

Noun: आवाज (sound), आवृत्ति (frequency), आवाज आवृत्ति (audio-frequency)

Adjective: आवाजी (sonic), आवाजीय (vocal), आवाजीय आवृत्ति (audio-frequency)

Part of Speech:

Audio-frequency is a noun.



Audio-Frequency Synonyms:

1. Sound Frequency – आवाज आवृत्ति

2. Sonic Frequency – आवाजी आवृत्ति

3. Vocal Frequency – आवाजीय आवृत्ति

4. Acoustic Frequency – ध्वनिक आवृत्ति

5. Pitch – उच्चारण आवृत्ति

Description and Origination of Audio-Frequency:

Audio-frequency refers to the range of frequencies that can be heard by the human ear. It includes the frequencies typically found in audio signals, such as those produced by musical instruments, voices, or electronic devices. The term “audio-frequency” originated from the combination of the words “audio” (related to sound) and “frequency” (the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit of time). Understanding audio-frequency is essential in various fields, including music production, telecommunications, and sound engineering.


There are no specific antonyms for audio-frequency.

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