Audile Meaning in Nepali: श्रवणशक्ति, श्रवणसम्बन्धी, श्रवणसम्पन्न

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Noun: Audibility (श्रवणीयता), Audiologist (श्रवण विशेषज्ञ), Auditory (श्रवण सम्बन्धी)

Adjective: Auditory (श्रवणसम्पन्न)

Part of Speech:




Audile Synonyms:

1. Acoustic – ध्वनिक

2. Sonic – ध्वनिज

3. Aural – श्रवणसम्बन्धी

4. Hearing – श्रवण

5. Sound – ध्वनि

6. Auricular – कानसम्बन्धी

Audile refers to something related to or involving the sense of hearing. It is an adjective that describes the ability to hear or the act of hearing. The word “audile” originated from the Latin word “audire,” which means “to hear.” In Nepali, audile can be translated as श्रवणशक्ति, श्रवणसम्बन्धी, or श्रवणसम्पन्न.


1. Mute – मूक

2. Deaf – बधिर

3. Silent – मौन

4. Noiseless – शांत

5. Inaudible – अश्रवणीय

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