Audiences Meaning in Nepali: श्रोताहरू, दर्शकहरू, निर्देशितहरू

Nearby Words:

Noun: Auditorium (अडिटोरियम), Audio (अडियो), Audition (अडिसन), Audience (दर्शक), Auditor (अडिटर), Audacity (अडासिटी)

Verb: Audition (अडिसनु), Auditioned (अडिसनुभएको), Auditioning (अडिसनुभएको)

Part of Speech:

Audiences is a noun.



Audiences Synonyms:

1. Spectators (दर्शकहरू)

2. Viewers (दर्शकहरू)

3. Attendees (दर्शकहरू)

4. Crowd (भिडियो)

5. Public (सार्वजनिक)

6. Witnesses (साक्षीहरू)

Description and Origination of Audiences:

Audiences refer to a group of people who gather to watch or listen to a performance, presentation, or event. They play a crucial role in providing feedback and engagement to the performers or speakers. The concept of audiences originated from the need to have a target group for various forms of entertainment and communication. Understanding the preferences and reactions of audiences helps in improving the quality and effectiveness of performances and presentations.


1. Performers (निर्देशकहरू)

2. Speakers (निर्देशकहरू)

3. Presenters (निर्देशकहरू)

4. Actors (निर्देशकहरू)

5. Artists (निर्देशकहरू)

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