Audience Meaning in Nepali: श्रोताहरू, दर्शकहरू, निर्देशित श्रोताहरू, दर्शक समूह

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Noun: auditorium (अडिटोरियम), spectators (दर्शकहरू), viewers (दर्शकहरू), listeners (श्रोताहरू), attendees (उपस्थितहरू)

Part of Speech:




Audience Synonyms:

1. spectators (दर्शकहरू)

2. viewers (दर्शकहरू)

3. listeners (श्रोताहरू)

4. attendees (उपस्थितहरू)

5. crowd (भिडियो)

6. public (सार्वजनिक)

Audience refers to a group of people who gather to watch or listen to a performance, presentation, or any form of entertainment. In Nepali, audience can be translated as श्रोताहरू, दर्शकहरू, निर्देशित श्रोताहरू, or दर्शक समूह. It is a noun and pronounced as “aw-dee-uhns”. Synonyms for audience include spectators, viewers, listeners, attendees, crowd, and public. The concept of audience originated from the need for individuals to come together and experience shared entertainment or information. To learn more about audience, you can visit,, or

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