audience chamber

Audience Chamber Meaning in Nepali

In Nepali, the term “audience chamber” can be translated into several meanings, including सुनुवाई कक्ष (sunuvai kaksha), श्रोताकोष (shrotakośa), and श्रोतागृह (shrotagriha).

Part of Speech

The term “audience chamber” is a noun.


The pronunciation of “audience chamber” is [aw-dee-uhns cham-ber].

Audience Chamber Synonyms

1. Hall – हल (hal)

2. Chamber – कक्ष (kaksha)

3. Room – कोठा (koṭhā)

4. Salon – सैलून (sailūn)

5. Parlor – पार्लर (pārlar)

6. Reception room – स्वागत कक्ष (swāgat kaksha)

Description and Origination of Audience Chamber

An audience chamber is a designated space where individuals or groups gather to meet and interact with an important person or authority figure. It is typically used for formal meetings, discussions, or official events. The concept of an audience chamber has been prevalent throughout history, particularly in royal courts and governmental settings, where it served as a place for rulers to receive and address their subjects. Today, audience chambers can be found in various settings, such as government buildings, palaces, and even corporate offices.


Some antonyms of “audience chamber” include:

1. Private room – निजी कोठा (nijī koṭhā)

2. Personal space – व्यक्तिगत स्थान (vyaktigat sthān)

3. Isolation – अलगाव (alagāva)

4. Seclusion – अलगाव (alagāva)

5. Solitude – एकान्तता (ēkāntatā)

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