Audibly Meaning in Nepali: श्रवणयोग्यता, श्रवणयोग्यतामा, श्रवणयोग्यताको, श्रवणयोग्यताले, श्रवणयोग्यतासंग, श्रवणयोग्यताबाट

Nearby Words:

Noun: श्रवणयोग्यता (audibility)

Adjective: श्रवणयोग्य (audible)

Adverb: श्रवणयोग्यतामा (audibly)

Part of Speech:




Audibly Synonyms:

1. Clearly – स्पष्ट रूपमा

2. Loudly – उच्च स्वरमा

3. Clearly audible – स्पष्ट रूपमा श्रवणयोग्य

4. Distinctly – स्पष्ट रूपमा

5. Noticeably – नोटिस गर्न सकिने रूपमा

6. Perceptibly – अनुभूत गर्न सकिने रूपमा

Description and Origination:

Audibly is an adverb that describes something that can be heard or perceived by the sense of hearing. It is derived from the adjective “audible,” which means capable of being heard. The word “audibly” emphasizes the ability to be heard clearly or distinctly. It is often used to describe sounds or voices that are easily perceptible to the ear. Audibly is commonly used in various contexts, such as in discussions about sound quality, public speaking, or audio recordings. It plays a crucial role in conveying information through the sense of hearing.


1. Inaudibly – श्रवणयोग्यताबाट नभएको

2. Silently – मौनतामा

3. Noiselessly – शोर नभएको रूपमा

4. Quietly – शान्तिपूर्वक

5. Faintly – अल्पतामा

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