Audibility Meaning in Nepali: श्रव्यता, सुनुपर्ने योग्यता, सुनुपर्ने शक्ति

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Noun: Audibility (श्रव्यता), Audience (श्रोताहरू), Auditorium (अडिटोरियम), Audio (अडियो), Audition (अडिशन)

Adjective: Audible (सुन्न सकिने), Auditive (श्रव्य)

Part of Speech:




Audibility Synonyms:

1. Hearability – सुन्न सकिने योग्यता

2. Soundness – ध्वनिमानता

3. Clarity – स्पष्टता

4. Loudness – उच्च ध्वनि

5. Acoustic – ध्वनिक

6. Resonance – गुन्जन

Description and Origination of Audibility:

Audibility refers to the quality or state of being able to be heard. It is the measure of how well a sound can be perceived by the human ear. In Nepali, audibility is translated as श्रव्यता, सुनुपर्ने योग्यता, सुनुपर्ने शक्ति. Audibility plays a crucial role in various fields such as communication, music, and entertainment. It originated from the Latin word “audibilis,” meaning “able to be heard.” To learn more about audibility, you can visit,, or


Inaudibility – अश्रव्यता, असुनुपर्ने योग्यता

Silence – मौन, चुप

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