Audaciousness Meaning in Nepali: अद्भुतता, अद्भुतताको अर्थ, अद्भुतताको अर्थ, अद्भुतताको अर्थ, अद्भुतताको अर्थ

Nearby Words:

Noun: Audacity (अद्भुतता), Boldness (साहस), Courage (साहस), Fearlessness (निडरता)

Adjective: Audacious (अद्भुत), Bold (साहसिक), Brave (साहसी), Fearless (निडर)

Part of Speech:




Audaciousness Synonyms:

1. Boldness – साहसिकता

2. Fearlessness – निडरता

3. Courage – साहस

4. Daring – साहसिक

5. Bravery – बहादुरी

6. Adventurousness – साहसिकता

Description and Origination of Audaciousness:

Audaciousness is the quality of being bold, daring, or fearless. It is the willingness to take risks and act with confidence. The word originates from the Latin word “audacia,” meaning boldness or daring. Audaciousness is often associated with individuals who are willing to step outside their comfort zones and pursue ambitious goals. It is a trait admired for its ability to inspire and motivate others. In Nepali, audaciousness is translated as अद्भुतता.


1. Timidity – अतिसाहसिकता

2. Cowardice – कायरता

3. Fear – भय

4. Caution – सतर्कता

5. Prudence – सतर्कता

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