Audacious Meaning in Nepali: अद्भुत, अविचलित, अविनाशी, अविनाशी, अविनाशी (adhbhut, avichalit, avinashi, avinashi, avinashi)

Nearby Words:

Noun: Audacity (अविनाशीता)

Adjective: Audaciously (अविनाशी)

Adverb: Audaciousness (अविनाशिता)

Part of Speech:




Audacious Synonyms:

1. Bold – साहसिक (sahasik)

2. Daring – साहसिक (sahasik)

3. Fearless – निडर (nidar)

4. Brave – साहसिक (sahasik)

5. Reckless – अविवेकी (aviveki)

6. Adventurous – साहसिक (sahasik)

Description and Origination:

Audacious is an adjective that describes someone who is bold, daring, and fearless. It originated from the Latin word “audax,” meaning “bold” or “daring.” In Nepali, audacious can be translated as अद्भुत, अविचलित, अविनाशी, अविनाशी, अविनाशी. It is often used to describe individuals who take risks and are not afraid to challenge the status quo. Audacious individuals are known for their adventurous spirit and willingness to push boundaries. They possess a strong sense of confidence and are unafraid of failure. Audaciousness is a trait that is admired and respected in many cultures.


1. Timid – भयभीत (bhayabhita)

2. Cowardly – कायर (kayar)

3. Fearful – भयभीत (bhayabhita)

4. Cautious – सतर्क (satarak)

5. Prudent – विवेकी (viveki)

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