Auctioneers Meaning in Nepali

In Nepali, the meaning of auctioneers can be expressed as करार बिक्रेता, नीलामी गर्ने व्यक्ति, or नीलामीकर्ता.

Nearby Words

– Auction (Noun) – नीलामी

– Auctioneer (Noun) – नीलामीकर्ता

– Auctioned (Verb) – नीलामी गरिएको

– Auctioning (Verb) – नीलामी गर्ने

– Auctions (Noun) – नीलामीहरू

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: /ɔːkʃəˈnɪər/ (awhk-shuh-neer)

Auctioneers Synonyms

– Auctioneer (Noun) – नीलामीकर्ता

– Salesperson (Noun) – बिक्रेता

– Bidding Agent (Noun) – बोली देने एजेन्ट

– Auction Manager (Noun) – नीलामी प्रबन्धक

– Hammerman (Noun) – हथौड़ाधारी

– Auction Caller (Noun) – नीलामी बोलाउने

Description and Origination of Auctioneers

Auctioneers are individuals who conduct auctions, which are public sales where goods or properties are sold to the highest bidder. They play a crucial role in facilitating the bidding process, managing the auction, and ensuring fair and transparent transactions. Auctioneers originated in ancient civilizations, where auctions were used as a common method of trade and commerce. Today, auctioneers are still widely employed in various industries, including art, real estate, and livestock. They possess excellent communication and negotiation skills to engage bidders and maximize the value of the items being auctioned.


– Buyer (Noun) – खरिददार

– Seller (Noun) – बिक्रेता

– Owner (Noun) – मालिक

– Retainer (Noun) – रख्ने व्यक्ति

– Holder (Noun) – धारक

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