Auctioned Meaning in Nepali: नीलाम गरिएको, नीलाम गरिने, नीलाम गरिएको (noun, verb)

Nearby Words:

Noun: Auctioneer (नीलामदार), Auction (नीलाम), Bidder (बोलीदाता)

Verb: Auction off (नीलाम गर्नु), Sell (बेच्नु), Offer (प्रस्ताव गर्नु)

Part of Speech: Verb

Pronunciation: /ɔːkʃ(ə)nd/ (awhk-shuhnd)

Auctioned Synonyms:

1. Sold (बिक्री गरिएको)

2. Bidded (बोली गरिएको)

3. Disposed of (छुट्टाउनु)

4. Transferred (स्थानान्तरित)

5. Exchanged (विनिमय गरिएको)

6. Bartered (वस्त्रादि बदलिएको)

Description and Origination of Auctioned:

Auctioned is the past tense of the verb “auction,” which means to sell goods or property to the highest bidder. In an auction, items are presented for sale, and interested buyers place bids until the highest bid is reached. The concept of auctions dates back to ancient civilizations, where goods and services were exchanged through bidding. Auctions are commonly used today for various purposes, including selling valuable items, artwork, and real estate. The process of auctioning allows for competitive bidding, ensuring that the item is sold at its highest possible value.


1. Bought (किनिएको)

2. Acquired (प्राप्त गरिएको)

3. Obtained (प्राप्त गरिएको)

4. Purchased (किनिएको)

5. Gained (प्राप्त गरिएको)

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