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Auction Off Meaning in Nepali

In Nepali, the term “auction off” can be translated into several meanings, including नीलाम गर्नु (neelam garnu), नीलाम बिक्री गर्नु (neelam bikri garnu), and नीलामी गर्नु (neelami garnu).

Nearby Words

  • Noun: नीलाम (neelam) – auction
  • Verb: बिक्री गर्नु (bikri garnu) – to sell
  • Verb: गर्नु (garnu) – to do
  • Noun: बिक्री (bikri) – sale
  • Noun: खरिद (kharid) – purchase

Part of Speech: The term “auction off” is a verb phrase.

Pronunciation: auction off (ôk-shən ôf)

Auction Off Synonyms

  • Sell off – बिक्री गर्नु (bikri garnu)
  • Dispose of – छुट्टाउनु (chhuttaunu)
  • Put up for sale – बिक्रीको लागि राख्नु (bikrikō lāgi rākhnu)
  • Offer for bidding – बोलीको लागि प्रस्ताव गर्नु (bōlīkō lāgi prastāva garnu)
  • Trade off – विपरित बदली गर्नु (viparita badlī garnu)
  • Dispose by auction – नीलामी द्वारा छुट्टाउनु (neelami dvārā chhuttaunu)

Auction off is a term used to describe the process of selling goods or property to the highest bidder through an auction. It originated from the practice of conducting auctions to sell various items, where interested buyers bid against each other until the highest offer is reached. The term “auction off” is commonly used in the context of auctions, both in Nepali and English.


  • Buy – खरिद गर्नु (kharid garnu)
  • Acquire – प्राप्त गर्नु (prāpta garnu)
  • Keep – राख्नु (rākhnu)
  • Retain – संचित गर्नु (sanchit garnu)
  • Hold on to – पक्राउनु (pakrāunu)

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