Aubade Meaning in Nepali: आउबाद, सुबहको गीत, प्रभाती गीत, उठ्ने गीत

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Noun: गीत (song), संगीत (music), गाना (singing), गीतकार (lyricist), संगीतकार (composer)

Verb: गाउनु (to sing), बजाउनु (to play), गान गर्नु (to sing), बजाउनु (to play), गीत लेख्नु (to write a song)

Part of Speech of Aubade:


Pronunciation of Aubade:


Aubade Synonyms:

1. Morning song – प्रभाती गीत

2. Dawn song – प्रभाती गीत

3. Morning serenade – प्रभाती सेरेनेड

4. Morning music – प्रभाती संगीत

5. Morning hymn – प्रभाती आरती

6. Morning chant – प्रभाती मंत्र

Description and Origination of Aubade:

An aubade is a morning song or poem that is typically about love or parting. It originated in medieval France and was often sung or recited at dawn to serenade a lover or bid farewell. The word “aubade” comes from the French word “aube,” which means dawn. Aubades can be found in various forms of literature, including poetry and music. They often evoke a sense of longing, beauty, and the fleeting nature of time. In Nepali, aubade is translated as आउबाद, सुबहको गीत, प्रभाती गीत, or उठ्ने गीत.


1. Dusk song – सांझको गीत

2. Evening song – साँझको गीत

3. Night song – रातको गीत

4. Farewell song – बिदाई गीत

5. Love song – प्रेमको गीत

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