au fond

Au Fond Meaning in Nepali: नेपालीमा अर्थ (Nepali meaning), नेपालीमा अर्थ (Nepali meaning), नेपालीमा अर्थ (Nepali meaning)

Nearby Words:

Noun: नाम (name), शब्द (word), वाक्य (sentence)

Adjective: गुण (quality), रंग (color), आकार (shape)

Adverb: अवधि (duration), तत्पश्चात् (afterwards), अगाडि (ahead)

Part of Speech:



(oh fawnd)

Au Fond Synonyms:

Essentially – मूलतः (moolatah), Basically – मूलतः (moolatah), Fundamentally – मूलतः (moolatah), In essence – मूलतः (moolatah), At heart – मूलतः (moolatah)

Description and Origination of Au Fond:

Au fond is a French phrase that translates to “at the bottom” or “at heart” in English. It is commonly used to express the fundamental or essential nature of something. The phrase originated from the French language and has been adopted in various other languages, including Nepali.


Superficially – सतही (sathai), Outwardly – बाहिरी (bahiri), Externally – बाहिरी (bahiri), On the surface – सतही (sathai), Superficially – सतही (sathai)

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