Atypical Meaning in Nepali: अप्राकृतिक, असामान्य, अनौठो, अप्राकृत, अप्राकृतिक रूपमा

Nearby Words:

Noun: अप्राकृतिकता (Atypicality)

Adjective: अप्राकृतिक (Atypical)

Adverb: अप्राकृतिक रूपमा (Atypically)

Part of Speech:




Atypical Synonyms:

Unusual – असाधारण

Abnormal – असामान्य

Exceptional – अप्राकृतिक

Uncommon – अप्राकृत

Irregular – अनौठो

Description and Origination:

Atypical is an adjective that describes something that is not typical or usual. It refers to something that deviates from the norm or is out of the ordinary. The word originated from the combination of the prefix “a-” meaning “not” and the word “typical” meaning “characteristic or representative of a particular type.” Atypical is commonly used to describe things that are uncommon, abnormal, or exceptional.


Typical – साधारण

Normal – सामान्य

Common – सामान्य

Usual – साधारण

Regular – नियमित

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