Attuned Meaning in Nepali: समर्पित, सम्बद्ध, सम्बन्धित, समानुभूत, सम्बद्ध, समर्थित

Nearby Words:

Noun: Attunement (समर्पण)

Verb: Attune (समर्पित गर्नु)

Part of Speech:




Attuned Synonyms:

1. Aligned – समर्पित

2. Harmonized – सम्बद्ध

3. Adapted – सम्बन्धित

4. Empathetic – समानुभूत

5. Connected – सम्बद्ध

6. Responsive – समर्थित

Attuned refers to being in harmony or alignment with something or someone. It means to be connected or responsive to a particular situation or environment. The term originated from the word “attune,” which means to bring into harmony or make receptive. In Nepali, attuned can be translated as समर्पित, सम्बद्ध, सम्बन्धित, समानुभूत, सम्बद्ध, समर्थित.


1. Unresponsive – असमर्थित

2. Disconnected – असम्बद्ध

3. Incompatible – असमर्थित

4. Unsympathetic – असमानुभूत

5. Unaligned – असमर्पित

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