Attributed Meaning in Nepali: आरोपित, श्रेयस्कर्मी, आचार्य, गुणवान, योग्य (Noun)

Nearby Words

  • Attribute (Noun) – गुण, लक्षण
  • Attribution (Noun) – आरोपण, श्रेयस्कर्म
  • Attributive (Adjective) – आरोपित, गुणवान
  • Attributively (Adverb) – आरोपित रूपमा
  • Attributor (Noun) – आरोपकर्ता

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: (uh-trib-yoot-ed)

Attributed Synonyms

  • Ascribed – आरोपित
  • Credited – श्रेयस्कर्मी
  • Accredited – आचार्य
  • Gifted – गुणवान
  • Qualified – योग्य
  • Assigned – निरुपित

Attributed is a noun that refers to something ascribed or credited to a particular person or cause. It can also mean to regard something as being caused by or resulting from a specific person, thing, or circumstance. The word originated from the Latin word “attributus,” which means “assigned” or “allotted.”


  • Discredited – अविश्वसनीय
  • Uncredited – श्रेयस्कर्मी नभएको
  • Undistinguished – अप्रतिष्ठित
  • Inferior – अधोत्तर
  • Incompetent – अयोग्य

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