Attracts Meaning in Nepali

In Nepali, the word “attracts” can be translated into several meanings, including आकर्षण गर्दछ (aakarshan gardachha), मोहने (mohane), प्रभावित गर्दछ (prabhavit gardachha), आकर्षित गर्दछ (aakarshit gardachha), and आकर्षित पार्ने (aakarshit parne).

Nearby Words

– Attraction (noun) – आकर्षण (aakarshan)

– Attractive (adjective) – आकर्षक (aakarshak)

– Attractiveness (noun) – आकर्षकता (aakarshakta)

– Attracted (verb) – आकर्षित (aakarshit)

– Attracting (verb) – आकर्षण गर्ने (aakarshan garne)

Part of Speech: Attracts is a verb.

Pronunciation: (uh-traktz)

Attracts Synonyms

– Allure (आकर्षण, aakarshan)

– Entice (मोहने, mohane)

– Fascinate (प्रभावित गर्दछ, prabhavit gardachha)

– Charm (आकर्षित गर्दछ, aakarshit gardachha)

– Tempt (आकर्षित पार्ने, aakarshit parne)

Description and Origination of Attracts

The word “attracts” refers to the action of drawing someone or something towards oneself. It originated from the Latin word “attrahere,” which means “to draw towards.” Attracts can be used in various contexts, such as describing the ability to captivate or entice someone. It is commonly used in conversations, literature, and marketing to convey the power of attraction.


– Repel (दूर गर्ने, door garne)

– Deter (रोक्ने, rokne)

– Disgust (घृणा, ghrina)

– Repulse (घृणा, ghrina)

– Discourage (निराश गर्ने, niraash garne)

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