Attracting Meaning in Nepali: आकर्षण, आकर्षित, प्रलोभन, आकर्षकता

Nearby Words:

Noun: Attraction (आकर्षण), Allurement (प्रलोभन), Fascination (मोहनी), Charm (मोहनी), Temptation (प्रलोभन)

Verb: Attract (आकर्षित गर्नु), Entice (प्रलोभन गर्नु), Fascinate (मोहनी गर्नु), Charm (मोहनी गर्नु), Tempt (प्रलोभन गर्नु)

Part of Speech of Attracting:

Attracting is a verb.

Pronunciation of Attracting:


Attracting Synonyms:

1. Alluring (मोहनी)

2. Enticing (प्रलोभनकारी)

3. Fascinating (मोहनी)

4. Charming (मोहनी)

5. Tempting (प्रलोभनकारी)

6. Captivating (मोहनी)

Description and Origination of Attracting:

Attracting refers to the action of drawing someone’s interest or attention towards something or someone. It is derived from the verb “attract” which originated from the Latin word “attrahere” meaning “to draw towards.” Attracting can be used in various contexts, such as attracting customers, attracting opportunities, or attracting love.


Repelling (दूर गर्ने), Deterring (रोक्ने), Discouraging (निराशा दिने), Disgusting (घृणा लाग्ने), Repulsing (दूर गर्ने)

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