Attired Meaning in Nepali: वस्त्रित, वस्त्रधारी, वस्त्रपोषित, वस्त्रयुक्त

Nearby Words:

Noun: Attire (वस्त्र), Attirement (वस्त्रधारण)

Verb: Attire (वस्त्रधारण गर्नु), Attiring (वस्त्रधारण गर्ने)

Part of Speech:

Attired is a verb.


(uh-tahyuh rd)

Attired Synonyms:

1. Dressed (वस्त्रित)

2. Garbed (वस्त्रित)

3. Clad (वस्त्रित)

4. Decked (वस्त्रित)

5. Arrayed (वस्त्रित)

6. Appareled (वस्त्रित)

Description and Origination of Attired:

Attired refers to being dressed or clothed. It is derived from the Middle English word “atiren,” which means “to put in order” or “to prepare.” Attired is commonly used to describe someone’s appearance or clothing style. It is often used in formal or literary contexts to convey a sense of elegance or formality in one’s attire.


1. Undressed (अवस्त्रित)

2. Naked (नग्न)

3. Bare (अवस्त्रित)

4. Unclad (अवस्त्रित)

5. Unattired (अवस्त्रित)

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