Atticism Meaning in Nepali: अटिसिज्मको अर्थ (aṭisizmako artha), अटिसिज्मको अर्थ (aṭisizmako artha), अटिसिज्मको अर्थ (aṭisizmako artha)

Nearby Words:

Noun: अटिस्ट (aṭisṭ), अटिस्ट (aṭisṭ), अटिस्ट (aṭisṭ)

Adjective: अटिस्टिक (aṭisṭik), अटिस्टिक (aṭisṭik), अटिस्टिक (aṭisṭik)

Part of Speech:




Atticism Synonyms:

1. Conciseness – संक्षेपता (saṅkṣepatā)

2. Pithiness – संक्षेपता (saṅkṣepatā)

3. Brevity – संक्षिप्तता (saṅkṣiptatā)

4. Economy – अर्थशास्त्र (arthaśāstra)

5. Precision – निश्चय (niścaya)

Description and Origination of Atticism:

Atticism refers to the concise and elegant style of writing or speaking. It emphasizes brevity, clarity, and precision in expression. This term originated from the ancient Greek region of Attica, which was known for its refined and polished language. Atticism became popular during the Hellenistic period and influenced various literary works. It is still valued today for its ability to convey complex ideas in a succinct manner.


1. Verbosity – बहुबोली (bahubolī)

2. Prolixity – बहुबोली (bahubolī)

3. Long-windedness – बहुबोली (bahubolī)

4. Wordiness – बहुबोली (bahubolī)

5. Circumlocution – बहुबोली (bahubolī)

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