attesting witness

Attesting Witness Meaning in Nepali

In Nepali, the meaning of “attesting witness” can be expressed as “प्रमाणित साक्षी” or “प्रमाणित गवाह”.

Nearby Words

– Attestation (noun) – प्रमाणीकरण

– Attest (verb) – प्रमाणित गर्नु

– Witness (noun) – साक्षी

– Witness (verb) – देखाउनु

Part of Speech: Attesting witness is a noun phrase.

Pronunciation: attesting witness (uh-test-ing win-iss)

Synonyms of Attesting Witness

1. Testifying witness – प्रमाणित साक्षी

2. Confirming witness – पुष्टि गर्ने साक्षी

3. Subscribing witness – सदस्यता गर्ने साक्षी

4. Sworn witness – शपथ लिने साक्षी

5. Credible witness – विश्वसनीय साक्षी

6. Reliable witness – विश्वसनीय साक्षी

Description and Origination of Attesting Witness

An attesting witness is someone who signs a legal document to confirm its authenticity. They are present during the signing of the document and provide their testimony to validate its contents. This practice is common in various legal proceedings, such as wills, contracts, and agreements. The role of an attesting witness is to ensure that the document is executed properly and to prevent any fraudulent activities. The concept of an attesting witness originated from the need to have a reliable and credible source to verify the validity of important legal documents.


– Disproving witness – खण्डन गर्ने साक्षी

– Invalidating witness – मान्यता नदिने साक्षी

– Contradicting witness – विरोध गर्ने साक्षी

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