Attenuations Meaning in Nepali: अल्पीकरण, कमीकरण, छोटपन, दुर्बलीकरण

Nearby Words:

Noun: Attenuation (अल्पीकरण), Attenuator (अल्पीकरक)

Verb: Attenuate (अल्पीकरण गर्नु)

Part of Speech:

Attenuations is a noun.



Attenuations Synonyms:

1. Reduction – कमीकरण

2. Weakening – दुर्बलीकरण

3. Diminution – अल्पीकरण

4. Decrease – घटाउनु

5. Dilution – पतला पर्नु

6. Subtraction – घटाउनु

Attenuations refer to the process of reducing the force, intensity, or severity of something. It can also mean the act of making something weaker or less effective. The word originates from the Latin word “attenuare,” which means to make thin or slender. In Nepali, attenuations can be translated as अल्पीकरण, कमीकरण, छोटपन, दुर्बलीकरण. Some synonyms of attenuations in English include reduction, weakening, diminution, decrease, dilution, and subtraction. To learn more about attenuations, you can visit,, or

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