Attenuating Meaning in Nepali: छोट्याउने, कम गर्ने, दुबारा बार गर्ने

Nearby Words:

Verb: Attenuate (छोट्याउनु), Lessen (कम गर्नु), Diminish (क्षय गर्नु), Weaken (कमजोर गर्नु), Reduce (हेराफेर गर्नु)

Part of Speech:

Attenuating is a verb.



Attenuating Synonyms:

1. Decreasing (कम गर्ने)
2. Alleviating (शान्त गर्ने)
3. Mitigating (कम गर्ने)
4. Moderating (मध्यम गर्ने)
5. Relieving (सानो गर्ने)
6. Weakening (कमजोर गर्ने)

Description and Origination of Attenuating:

Attenuating refers to the act of reducing the intensity, force, or severity of something. It is commonly used in various contexts to describe the process of making something weaker or less potent. The term originates from the Latin word “attenuare,” which means “to make thin or slender.” In the context of Nepali language, attenuating is often used to convey the idea of diminishing or lessening the impact of something.


1. Intensifying (बढाउने)
2. Strengthening (मजबूत गर्ने)
3. Aggravating (भडकाउने)
4. Amplifying (बढाउने)
5. Escalating (बढाउने)

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