attended Meaning in Nepali

In Nepali, the word “attended” can have several meanings. Some of the meanings include: सहभागी भएको, सेवा गर्नुभएको, उपस्थित भएको, and सम्बोधित भएको.

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words with their parts of speech and Nepali meanings:

1. Attend (verb) – सेवा गर्नु, उपस्थित हुनु, सहभागी हुनु

2. Attendance (noun) – उपस्थिति, सहभागिता

3. Attendant (noun) – सहायक, सेवक

4. Attention (noun) – ध्यान, चेतना

5. Attentive (adjective) – चेतनशील, ध्यानदारी

Part of Speech of attended: Verb

Pronunciation of attended: (uh-ten-did)

Attended Synonyms

Here are some synonyms of “attended” in English with their Nepali translations:

1. Accompanied – साथ गएको

2. Participated – सहभागी भएको

3. Joined – सामेल हुनु

4. Assisted – सहायता गरिएको

5. Engaged – संलग्न हुनु

6. Showed up – उपस्थित भएको

Origination of Attended

The word “attended” originated from the Latin word “attendere,” which means “to give heed to” or “to be present at.” It entered the English language in the 14th century.


Some antonyms of “attended” in English with their Nepali translations include:

1. Absent – अनुपस्थित

2. Missed – छुट्टिएको

3. Ignored – उपेक्षित

4. Neglected – उपेक्षित

5. Avoided – टाढा गरिएको

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