Attendant Meaning in Nepali: सहायक, सेवक, सहायक व्यक्ति, संगठन सहायक, अनुगामी

Nearby Words:

Noun: सहायकता (assistance), सेवा (service), सहायता (help), संगठन (organization), सहायताको (of assistance)

Adjective: सहायक (helpful), संगठित (organized), सहायतामा (in assistance)

Part of Speech of Attendant:


Pronunciation of Attendant:


Attendant Synonyms:

1. Aide – सहायक

2. Servant – सेवक

3. Assistant – सहायक व्यक्ति

4. Organizer – संगठन सहायक

5. Accompanying – अनुगामी

Description and Origination of Attendant: An attendant is a person who provides assistance or service. They are often found in various settings such as hotels, hospitals, events, or organizations. The role of an attendant is to support and help individuals or groups with their needs. This term originated from the Latin word “attendere,” which means “to give attention to.” Attendants play a crucial role in ensuring smooth operations and providing necessary aid to those they serve.


1. Absentee – अनुपस्थित

2. Neglectful – उपेक्षापूर्ण

3. Inattentive – असावधान

4. Disorganized – असंगठित

5. Unhelpful – असहायक

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