Attempts Meaning in Nepali: प्रयासहरू, कोशिशहरू, प्रयत्नहरू

Nearby Words:

Noun: endeavor (प्रयास), effort (प्रयास), trial (परीक्षा), experiment (प्रयोग), venture (उद्यम)

Verb: try (प्रयास गर्नु), strive (प्रयास गर्नु), undertake (गर्नु), aim (लक्ष्य राख्नु), seek (खोज्नु)

Part of Speech of Attempts:


Pronunciation of Attempts:


Attempts Synonyms:

1. efforts (प्रयासहरू)

2. trials (परीक्षाहरू)

3. endeavors (प्रयासहरू)

4. undertakings (गर्ने कामहरू)

5. tries (प्रयासहरू)

6. experiments (प्रयोगहरू)

Description and Origination of Attempts:

Attempts refer to efforts made to achieve a particular goal or outcome. It is a noun that signifies the act of trying or undertaking something. The word “attempts” originated from the Latin word “attemptare,” which means to try or endeavor. In Nepali, attempts can be translated as “प्रयासहरू,” “कोशिशहरू,” or “प्रयत्नहरू.” It is a common term used in various contexts, such as education, sports, and personal development.


success (सफलता), achievement (साधारण), accomplishment (सिद्धि), triumph (जीत), victory (विजय)

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