Attemper Meaning in Nepali: अनुकूल गर्नु, सामायिक गर्नु, तालमेल गर्नु

Nearby Words:

1. Attemper (verb): अनुकूल गर्नु

2. Attempered (adjective): सामायिकित

3. Attempering (noun): तालमेल

Part of Speech:

Attemper is a verb.



Attemper Synonyms:

1. Adjust (समायोजन गर्नु)

2. Moderate (मध्यम गर्नु)

3. Regulate (नियमित गर्नु)

4. Temper (तालमेल गर्नु)

5. Modify (सम्पादन गर्नु)

6. Harmonize (मेलमिलाप गर्नु)

Description and Origination:

Attemper means to adjust or moderate something to make it more suitable or in harmony with a particular situation. It originated from the Latin word “attemperare,” which means “to moderate” or “to blend.”


1. Aggravate (भडकाउनु)

2. Intensify (बढाउनु)

3. Exacerbate (बिग्रिनु)

4. Worsen (खराब गर्नु)

5. Heighten (बढाउनु)

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