Attar Meaning in Nepali: अट्टर, इत्र, सुगन्ध, गन्ध, खुशबू

Nearby Words:

Noun: इत्र, सुगन्ध, गन्ध, खुशबू

Verb: इत्र लगाउनु, सुगन्ध लगाउनु, गन्ध लगाउनु, खुशबू लगाउनु

Part of Speech:




Attar Synonyms:

perfume (सुगन्ध), fragrance (गन्ध), scent (खुशबू), aroma (सुगन्ध), essence (सार)

Description and Origination of Attar:

Attar, also known as “itr” in Nepali, refers to a fragrant essential oil or perfume. It is derived from natural sources such as flowers, herbs, or spices. Attar has a long history and is widely used in traditional medicine, perfumery, and spiritual practices. The word “attar” originates from the Persian language, where it means “fragrance” or “essence.” In Nepal, attar is highly valued for its pleasant scent and therapeutic properties.


stink (दुर्गन्ध), odor (गंध), foul smell (दुर्गन्ध), reek (दुर्गन्ध), malodor (दुर्गन्ध)

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