Attacks Meaning in Nepali: आक्रमण, हमला, धावा, आक्रमणहरू, हमलाहरू

Nearby Words:

Noun: assault (हमला), aggression (आक्रमण), invasion (आक्रमण), onslaught (आक्रमण), raid (छापामारी)

Verb: strike (मार्नु), assail (आक्रमण गर्नु), invade (आक्रमण गर्नु), assault (हमला गर्नु), bombard (बमबारी गर्नु)

Part of Speech:

Attacks is a noun and a verb.



Attacks Synonyms:

1. Assault – हमला

2. Aggression – आक्रमण

3. Invasion – आक्रमण

4. Onslaught – आक्रमण

5. Raid – छापामारी

Description and Origination of Attacks:

Attacks refer to acts of aggression or violence towards someone or something. It can be physical, verbal, or even cyber in nature. The term originated from the Latin word “attaccare,” meaning “to fasten or join.” In the context of warfare or conflict, attacks are strategic moves to gain an advantage over the opponent. In everyday life, attacks can also refer to personal assaults or criticisms. Understanding the meaning of attacks is crucial in comprehending various forms of aggression and violence.


1. Defense – रक्षा

2. Protection – सुरक्षा

3. Security – सुरक्षा

4. Peace – शान्ति

5. Harmony – सामंजस्य

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