Attachment Meaning in Nepali

In Nepali, the word “attachment” can be translated into several meanings, including संलग्नता (sanlagnta), जोड (joda), लगाव (lagav), संयोग (sanyog), and आसक्ति (aasakti).

Nearby Words

  • Verb: Attach – जोड्नु (jodnu)
  • Noun: Attacker – हमलागर्ने (hamlagarne)
  • Noun: Attainment – प्राप्ति (prapti)
  • Noun: Attention – ध्यान (dhyan)
  • Noun: Attribute – गुण (gun)

Part of Speech: Attachment is a noun.

(Pronunciation: uh-tach-muhnt)

Attachment Synonyms

  • Connection – सम्बन्ध (sambandh)
  • Bond – बंधन (bandhan)
  • Affection – स्नेह (sneha)
  • Adherence – पालन (palan)
  • Devotion – भक्ति (bhakti)
  • Association – संघ (sangh)

Description and Origination of Attachment

Attachment refers to the emotional bond or connection between individuals or things. It can be a deep affection or a strong sense of belonging. The concept of attachment originated from psychological theories, particularly in the field of attachment theory, which explores the importance of early relationships in human development.


  • Detachment – अलगाउनु (alagaunu)
  • Indifference – उदासीनता (udasinta)
  • Apathy – उदासीनता (udasinta)
  • Disconnection – असंबद्धता (asambaddhata)
  • Isolation – अलगाउने (alagaune)

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