Attache Meaning in Nepali: अटाचे, जोडधारी, संलग्नक, संलग्नकारी, संलग्न, संलग्नकर्ता

Nearby Words:

Noun: Attachment (संलग्नता), Attainment (प्राप्ति), Attacker (हमलागर्दी), Attainder (दण्डनीति), Attainability (सम्भाव्यता)

Verb: Attach (संलग्न गर्नु), Attack (हमला गर्नु), Attend (हुनु), Attract (आकर्षित गर्नु), Attribute (गुण लगाउनु)

Part of Speech:



(uh-tash, uh-tash-ey)

Attache Synonyms:

1. Diplomat (राजनयिक)
2. Representative (प्रतिनिधि)
3. Delegate (प्रतिनिधि)
4. Ambassador (दूतावास)
5. Emissary (दूत)

Description and Origination of Attache:

An attache refers to a person who is assigned to a diplomatic mission or embassy to assist and support the main diplomatic staff. They are responsible for various administrative and clerical tasks, as well as providing support in diplomatic negotiations and communication. The term “attache” originated from the French word “attaché,” which means “attached” or “connected.” Attaches play a crucial role in facilitating diplomatic relations between countries and ensuring smooth operations within the embassy.


1. Detach (छुट्टाउनु)
2. Disconnect (छुट्टाउनु)
3. Separate (अलग)
4. Divide (बाँट्नु)
5. Isolate (अलग गर्नु)

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